"How many coffees, teas or juice before you fully awake in the mornings.."?!

Question: "How many coffees, teas or juice before you fully awake in the mornings.."?
Thank you..

Have a nice day-)


1 cuppa tea and an orange juice!

Don't need any of them. Don't need much sleep but what I do need is a good snooze before I actually get up. The knowledge to be able to stay in bed and half sleep is good enough for me. An hour at least. Don't have a tea until maybe after 4 hours after I'm up.

I usually drink two cup of Coffee. I drink italian Coffee it's stranger than other kind of Coffee.

Usually one coffee does the job. However, if I am up at silly o'clock then 2 coffees is more likely to work!

Hi Skycat,
One hot cup of coffee in the morning gets me going..
Your Friend,


One, or sometimes two coffees and I am fully awake. Enjoy your day too.

Don't even speak to me until I have two coffees and a cigarette:-(

1 cup of coffee - it helps to get me started

At least two cups of fresh tea Skycat.

Just one cup of tea was enough for me.

At least two coffees - I'm a bit of a zombie when I've just woken up! lol!

One tea (Earl Gray) and one buttermilk.

About one cup..If I drink 2 I crash later

just 1

5 cups of milk. i don't like anything else in the mornings!

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