Best (healthiest) Green Tea brand?!

Question: Best (healthiest) Green Tea brand?


Some brands test and measure their tea's antioxidant content, but antioxidants in the tea are not the only thing that's good for you...tea also contains L-theanine, moderate amounts of caffeine, and a bunch of other chemicals. Because it hasn't been studied, there is no conclusive scientific answer to your question.

But I personally think that the healthiest teas are the freshest ones. And I think that loose-leaf green tea tends to be much fresher and higher quality than tea bags. I run an interactive tea website where anyone can review teas, and we have a lot of information about different varieties of green tea, as well as reviews:

My personal recommendation of brands to buy from would be Upton Tea Imports for inexpensive but high-quality Chinese green teas, and for green teas from unusual regions (they have a few green teas from unusual places like India, Thailand, etc.), Life in Teacup for very high-quality Chinese green teas. If you are going to buy Japanese tea I would recommend Obubu tea. Do not worry about the nuclear accident with tea--most tea in Japan is grown WAAAAY far south. Obubu tea is a small farmer-owned cooperative that has some of the freshest tea you can get. GreenTea Japan is another Japanese direct-shipping tea company that has very fresh tea.

Try some of these. And really, stay away from tea're not going to get a very fresh product, it's usually broken into small pieces and the chemicals in it break down. Get high-quality loose-leaf tea. And then among that, just find the stuff that you like the best.

Good luck, and enjoy!

The best would be hand picked ones.
But when you say the healthiest,i think it should be Herbal teas.Check out for tea's which come as tea leaves or sticks rather the powder.Using these ideas,pick your tea. :)

The healtiest, tastiest, and cheapest ice tea brand is Arizona.

Tazo Green Teas are the best and the tastiest in my opinion, You can buy them in Starbucks.


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