Why are soft drinks in a pub so expencive?!

Question: Why are soft drinks in a pub so expencive?
I was eating in a pub today, as I was driving I had a large diet cola, I was charged £2.85! I could buy 6 x 2 litre bottles of diet cola for that price in Tesco, and that's retail price, pubs get the diet cola syrup for a fraction of that so why does the customer get ripped off? Is it any wonder a pub per day closes down in the UK?


I understand this dilemma. Unfortunately all pubs rip you off. Alcohol is an expensive drink today so those who drink pop think they should get it cheaper.

Pop comes free as a mixer for spirits in most bars.

I find coffee shops a a rip off today. £5.00 for a sandwich plus a cup of coffee can cost you £7.00.

The high price of soft drinks from a bar is because the liquor license says that a everything that comes from the bar has to be in a certain price range, no lower than the lowest priced liquor drink. I was going to buy a bar once and found that one out. In other words, if I am selling beer at $3 dollars a bottle, shots of liquor at $4:50 and mixed drinks at $5:75, and you walk in and want a cola, I can not charge you anything under $2 for the soft drink, that is the law

i would say don't go so often or just don't order soft drinks. they have huge markups on drinks because thats how they make their money. alcohol is sold more expensive too, as in restaurants. esp fine wines are sold expensive because sometimes they don't finish the bottle before it goes bad so they have to at least get what they paid out of it.

because they have to pay rent for the pub and they have to pay bills
and they have to pay the staff that work their,
so they have to try to get money to cover their expenses

because its the easiest way for a pub to make money, if the alcohol was too expensive then nobody would drink there so they try and make up for it up selling the softdrink

Because thats where the biggest profit is to cover the running costs.

they make more profit on soft drinks then beer

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