Is adding too much sugar in kool-aid bad?!

Question: Is adding too much sugar in kool-aid bad?
I added 7 scoops with a medium ice cream scoop into 2 quarts, you know how we do it. Diabeaties?


Well you're drinking kool aid so you shouldn't be concerned about health. in the commercial it says kool aid contains less sugar than soft drinks **if you use the amount it says on the package** personally i always add sugar until it tastes sweet but not too sweet, though the tartness is gone. and i don't add as much water as it says so the flavor is more concentrated. its all up to your own taste! if you want more sugar go for it. if you have added too much just add another packet and the corresponding amount of water, then re-sweeten a little at a time.

Having a lot of sugar in Kool-aid is not harmfull to a kid, but as a person matures, the body can not take as much of the sugar and health disorders like diabeaties can occur. If the kid wants the sugar, let the kid have the sugar.

kool-aid is bad for you in general but if you really want to drink it you put as little sugar in it as possible, my advice is to drink fresh juice

Save me some?
I say we die from diabetes together all hyped up on Kool-aid kicking it with Betty White! Yeah!!!

too much sugar is already bad. plus the sugar content of kool aid..


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