Do you have an opinion on energy drinks?!

Question: Do you have an opinion on energy drinks?
Do you have a favorite?
I looooove Monster M80 (yellow can.)


Energy drinks are healthy when taken a few a week and when the body can exercise the access ingredients off. If one is active, one could substitute energy drinks instead of fast food. Energy drinks are a lot safer than taking pills to keep you awake while playing a game. I perfer the yellow rockstar.

my opinion: kids shouldn't be allowed to take energy drinks because they don't NEED them they have plenty of energy already if they eat and sleep well. but i guess its like the trendy thing to do and its legal. they don't taste all that great to me though.

Grape Nos (has to be in the bottle or it doesn't taste right) when I'm thinking about white owls, regular monster when I'm skiing, and regular Nos the rest of the time

No kid should have an energy drink they are about 30 cups of coffee caffeine wise and a ton of sugar.. Bad for our overweight population

grape gatorade, strawberry powerade, and sugar free red bull ;)

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