Caffeine and Taurine?!

Question: Caffeine and Taurine?
I'm a college student and that implies late nights and all nighters. In under 5 hours I drank 4 monsters. I then realized that I have 640 mg of caffeine and 4000 mg of Taurine now coursing through my body. What can I expect? Besides argh...


Oh, gawd. Just make sure not to drink any alcohol.

Also, you have a lot of sugar in your veins, so make sure to drink some water or you will feel sick most likely... esp. in the morning. Can't tell you if this amount is dangerous, because we all have different tolerances. I can usually drink 2 rockstars in a short time, or a large amount of espresso, whereas a regular coffee makes some people jittery. As a contrast, those 5 hour energy shots make me feel speedy and generally like crap, but don't affect some people at all.

With what you've had... If you were me, you'd also feel shaky hands, inability to concentrate on the task at hand, and an insane need to dance to happy hardcore ;)

If you have trouble sleeping, take some melatonin.

Good luck!

College, raving, caffeine tolerance ;)

Stomach aches, splitting headaches, queasiness, lack of appetite, irritability, difficulty concentrating/focusing/remembering.

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