When did people start drinking cow milk and why?!

Question: When did people start drinking cow milk and why?
I mean seriously, who's the guy that went up to a cow and said "Cool, I'll drink whatever comes out of these pink dangly things'???


It's even worse.

Recent studies link diabetes to the consumption of cows milk by infants. Isn't that gross? We've been getting a disease from it.

"Animal milk is known to have been used first as human food during the Secondary Products Revolution, around 5000 BC. It is presumed that when animals such as cattle were first domesticated, it was only for purposes of meat. Dairy products obtained from the animals proved to be a more efficient way of turning uncultivated grasslands into sustenance: the food value of an animal killed for meat can be matched by perhaps one year's worth of milk from the same animal, which will keep producing milk—in convenient daily portions—for years." ~ (Wikipedia)

Other reasons include ~ you would have to breast feed your children until they're seven.

You should be happy for don't need to drink ox milk.

It was shortly after people started smoking weed.

that's good question.....hhhmmmmm.....world peace

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