Milk makes me gassy and if I drink too much, it makes me throw up. Why is this so?!

Question: Milk makes me gassy and if I drink too much, it makes me throw up. Why is this so?
I used to drink milk a lot and I didn't have this problem before.


Seems like you have developed a lactose intolerance. To check this out, buy some lactose free milk and see of the symptoms disappear when you drink it. It may be both the answer and the solution.

Lactose intolerance. Thank Goodness Supermarkets carry a Variety of Lactose intolerance milk. Like Lactaid and other brands. Your body can't process lactose. Sometimes that happens when we stop drinking milk for a very long time..or we age. Lactose is a complex sugar that some peoples body cannot break down. But the solution is to drink the milk that is Lactose Free. Most supermarkets have it now.

most likely you are lactose intolerant which means dairy products make you throw up and have gas ... go to your doctor and tell him or her what has been going on lately and listen to what advice they have to say

It sounds like you have become lactose intolerant.

I agree,lactose intolerance

Common sense and other answers

sounds like you are lactose intolerant.

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