Is it okay to put two teabags in one tea?!

Question: Is it okay to put two teabags in one tea?
I am literally boiling my water right now, and I have the urge to have two teabags in my tea (twice the concentration of tea in the water).

I am not sure if this is healthy or unhealthy or will keep me awake or put me to sleep, or anything else. I would really like to know.

& does it taste nice?



I do all the time as my mug is a pretty big one.
I don't worry which is healthier.
Life is too short the way it is.

Yes, you can use two tea bags in one cup, if you want stronger tea. That's better than leaving one tea bag in for a longer time, which would make the tea bitter. The British, who ought to know, brew their tea strong and drink it right away – they don't like "stewed tea".

Tea contains a caffeine-like substance, which perks you up. It's a little weaker than the caffeine in coffee. Strong tea won't hurt you. As long as you don't let it steep too long, it will taste great.

Tea bags are an expensive way to buy tea, compared to bulk tea. For a single cup, you can put whatever amount of bulk tea you want into a double-sided pierced tea spoon or a small tea ball (up to half its capacity – the tea leaves expand quite a bit). For making more than one cup, you can use a larger tea ball in a tea pot. Add boiling water, and wait three to four minutes for the tea to brew, then pull out the tea ball so the tea doesn't become bitter. Some people spoon bulk tea into a teapot, steep for three minutes, pour one or more cups immediately, then strain any tea that's left into another pot to save it from steeping too long.

Depends. Are you putting the bags into a single mug, or in a tea pot?

I will use three tea bags in a tea pot for 5 minutes. I never waste one bag on just one mug, when for two more bags you can make a whole pot. But two bags in one mug would be too much.

(none of this applies to Lipton tea, as that is swill and not recommended)

A great way to make strong tea is to buy in bulk and use a tea ball. You can control the concentration better and I think the tea ball filters it much better.

It tastes the same, but if you leave them in for the same amount of time as you would a single bag then it will be stronger

I love to teabag

K first. Mr P.Dobear up are disgusting sir.
second i usuallly put 3 in. So its all up to you. can you handle very strong tea?

It'll just be stronger

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