How to Make a Banana Smoothie with no Milk or yogurt?!

Question: How to Make a Banana Smoothie with no Milk or yogurt?
I have bananas and i feel like making a banana smoothie but i dont have yogurt or milk. Yes, i have a blender but im too lazy to wash it afterwards ;P. anyways tell me the ingredients and the directions for best answer ^^ thanks~


Use juice, or if you have enough other flavoring items, you can probably get away with just using water or ice....however, only enough to get things thinned out enough to blend it. If you have juicy enough fruit like berries, grapes or melon, you don't need much extra liquid at all.

For a quickie blender trick, pour out your smoothie, and immediately add water and a small amount of dish soap to your blender, put the lid back on, and blend it on pulse a few times. The blades will spin around and clean themselves in the soapy water, and the water will get thrown up on the sidess to wash the pitcher.Then just pour the soapy water over the lid to wash that. Spray everything to rinse it off, and do check that you cleaned it well. Every once in a while, that is, every few uses, you really should take apart the pitcher bottom (ring, blade, screw-on bottom) and wash them by hand.

You could use juice to make a fruity smoothie. Pineapple or orange juice would be great. You could also add peaches-frozen or canned and strawberries. If you don't have juice, maybe you have some canned peaches and use that juice.

heavy whipping cream


only use a bit like 1/3 of the amount of milk you would use :)

juice and ice cream

thats not possible, i mean you could add like juice or something

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