Someone told me there was Coffee made out of CatPoop?!

Question: Someone told me there was Coffee made out of CatPoop?
is that true


Not exactly. Some very expensive coffee is made from beans that have passed through the digestive tract of a binturong, which is sort of cat-like. Do not raid the litter box to fill your coffee-grinder.

As i know not from a cat but from a Civet and its look like a cat but actually it belongs to Mongoose family and is nocturnal, and as i know made from Philippines. The coffee from this is pretty expensive. :)

you can order or check it out here

There's a coffee where they feed the cat a bean,
the cat's stomach can't digest it, so it comes out of the cat intact,
then they wash it off and disinfect it and what not,
then they grind it up, and make coffee out of it

If you want to call it poop, then do so,
but it's a bean going through the digestive system

YEs it is true... it comes from a cat -like mammal called a civet it costs $30.00 a cup in your home page search bar type in cat poop coffee scroll down thur the answers and read all about it Isn't is fascinating what people put in their mouths!!!!!


Yeah come down to the coffee shop in my basement

and theres lipstick made of bat poop

he told lie

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