What is the purpose of espresso shots in coffee?!

Question: What is the purpose of espresso shots in coffee?
what does it do? why do people like it in their coffee? ; )


Some may like it for the taste, but I'd say the majority like it for the energy. It really wakes you up.

The espresso shot IS the coffee. It's a highly concentrated, bitter coffee brewed from very fine-ground coffee with the water forced through it under pressure.

The espresso forms the caffeine and flavor base of the drink; everything else is just added flavor/sugar/calories.

to get more of the drug in a smaller quantity- perhaps also for flavor. Espresso Roast and regular Roast have different flavors, so is also like a coffee cocktail.

It gives the coffee a richer and bolder taste for those who prefer that. Also, there is a jolt in energy as well.

caffeine...gives u more energy during the day if u take it during the morning

bc it adds extra caffeine

Added caffeine kick.

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