Can you use a teabag more than once?!

Question: Can you use a teabag more than once?
I thought you can only use a teabag once. Like I just boil water in a cup, then I put a teabag in there but I thought the teabag was only good once. I heard from a friend you can use it like three times. Is that true? Can you use a teabag more than once and if so, how many times. It's green tea if that matters.


Not exactly it looses its main flavor as soon as water is absorbed your better getting a new one for each drink

Depending on how strong you like your tea, you can get 3-5 cups per bag.

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The teabags gives the best flavor on the first steeping. It gets progressively weaker after that.

Of course you can ! Just try to keep it in a germ free environment

I use mine on multiple women everyday and they don't complain.

I have gotten up to five cups of tea from just one tea bag.

No, tea will taste bitter.

It would be really weak
Why bother?

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