how do you make fruit punch?!

Question: How do you make fruit punch?
I want some fruit punch but idk how to make it


check out this link

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Usually you need fruit punch concentrate and then just add water to it. Or if you want the real kind, you could do it this way:

Fruit Punch recipe

4 cups of ginger ale.
2 cups of fruit syrup.
2 cups of pineapple juice.
2 cups of sugar.
1 cup of water.
1 cup of strong, hot tea.
1 cup of lemon juice.
1 cup of maraschino cherries.
Ice water.
Preparation Instructions:

Boil the water and sugar together for about 4-5 minutes; then add the fruit syrup, pineapple juice,tea and lemon juice.

Allow to stand for 30 minutes; then add ice water to make about 1? gallons of liquid.

Add the cherries and ginger ale.

Serve in a punch bowl with large block of ice.

That is an easy question,all you need is either your favorite fruit,and a juicer,or packaged juice,have a variety of different fruit juices,then mix it here is a list of good fruits to put in one

Non tropical:apples,oranges,grapes

Tropical blast:mango,coconut,etc

Variety mix:all of the above


You can buy fruit juices and mix them all together add ice cubes just before serving.
or choose one flavour of juice you like at the grocery store then add ginger ale, orange slices. If you are over the age of drinking you can add Gin, Vodka, or Rum.

It's usually made from fruit juice and pop. Sometimes the recipe calls for real fruit. Here is one of many for you to look at:…

Punch Fruit

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