Your all time favourite Starbucks drink?!

Question: Your all time favourite Starbucks drink?
Always looking to try new drinks, any suggestions? My personal faves are a half sweetened vanilla rooibos tea latte and a non-fat, half sweetened mocha...yummm


grande, non-fat, no-whip, triple shot, is what i order every time

the frozen strawberry lemonade is also good (usually on the menu in the summer but if it's not on the menu and you ask if they have it, they will do it)

Mocha iced frappe :)

Its great in summer and spring when the weather is too hot for a coffee, and mixed with a chocolate taste and whipped cream :). I love getting mine on skim milk too, as its supposabley tastes smoother that way, (not that it makes any difference really), in the tall size cup :)

A hot drink however, would definatley be a standard latte, no sugar and with a hit of vanilla :)

i like the chocolate mocha frappuccino but i recently started drinking chocolate no mocha frapuccino ... well i think that's what they call it when you go and order it they should know what you're talking about

I love getting the strawberries and creme and also the blueberries and creme, i'm only 13, so I'm not really interested into strong flavors, like coffee.

Their brewed cup of Viennese Roast, a little Splenda, a little 1/2&1/2.
None of that TuttiFruttiFrapacinoed crap for me!

Cafe Americano - 4 shots of espresso over ice with a drop of 1/2 and 1/2.

Chocolate mocha ^^;

My "coffee" ish dewishis

Non-fat iced Caramel Macchiatto with extra caramel
Peppermint Mocha (hot or frappucinno)

ice venti whitemocha -- but they keep raising the price it's almost $5 highway robbery!

I dont go there very often but when I do I always get the strawberrys and cream.

I know, lame.

Chai Latte

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