whats a good substitute for tea and coffee?!

Question: Whats a good substitute for tea and coffee?
i dont drink either, but id quite like to have somthing else...


Do you want a naturally-caffeinated drink other than tea and coffee? You might want to look at Yerba Mate:


Or if you want other options, I have a page about herbal teas containing caffeine: http://ratetea.net/topic/herbal-teas-con… -- other ones include Guarana, Guayusa, and Yaupon. Those can be hard to find though.


If you want a non-caffeinated hot drink, look at other herbal teas--most are caffeine free. I also have a ton of listings of herbal teas on my tea website if you want ideas: http://ratetea.net/style/herbal-tea/6/

Another option, only very lightly caffeinated, is hot chocolate. If you want something that is not sweet, consider buying unsweetened cocoa and then not adding sugar or milk to it, or only adding milk but no sugar. This drink comes out a little like black coffee, but gentler, smoother, and milder. I actually enjoy this very much!

Hope this helps! I think these are all better options than artificial drinks like soda and the like.

Roasted grain beverages are common substitutes for coffee or tea...

A roasted grain beverage is a hot beverage made from one or more cereal grains roasted and commercially processed into crystal or powder form to be reconstituted later in hot water. The product is often marketed as a caffeine-free alternative to coffee and tea...

Several well-known roasted grain beverages are Nestlé Caro, Pero, INKA, and Postum (a discontinued product). Other brands can be found at health food stores and at some grocery stores.

Some common ingredients include toasted barley, malted barley, rye, chicory, molasses, and beet root.


If you're looking for a healthier drink to provide energy, try Coconut Water. Unlike sugary and caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea, it's natural sugars give you energy and it has lots of potassium which keeps you hydrated and energized!


you can have water,
or if you don't like that water doesn't really taste like anything, you can add flavor packages to it.

Cocoa/Hot Chocolate
Herbal Teas like lemon/mint, cherry, peach etc. instead of regular caffeinated tea
or just have a glass of water.

If your trying to break the habit of lattes, iced coffees, COFFEE or anything with caffeine, DRINK 3 LARGE GLASSES OF POP.

Hot chocolate, green tea or fruit tea, you could also try ribena + hot water :)

My girlfriend is the same

Innocent smoothies. Water with cucumber slices. Lemonade without sugar.



Try Rooibos tea from South Africa - it has no caffeine. Or if you like hot drinks - just hot water with honey and lemon.

I replaced coffee or tea for chocolate. Is my sweet solution

chocolate milk

Juice or water.

of course, juice.

hot cider... and its good too..

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