Anyone remember Sharkleberry Finn Kool-Aid?!

Question: Anyone remember Sharkleberry Finn Kool-Aid?
It was the best!!

It was in a light blue packet with a little pink on it. I think the best ingredient in it was whatever gave that pineapple flavor.

Anyone come across it lately? I haven't seen it in decades, & unless I am misspelling it, it's not on Kool-Aid's website. :(


I totally remember SHARKLEBERRY FIN Kool-Aid!! The mascot wasn't The Kool Aid guy, it was a shark in shades!

I haven't seen it, but I also haven't been looking for it.

EDIT: This packet resonates with me, though I don't recall Kool Aid guy being on it ... never mind, I didn't do the shopping back then…


lol I actually have some packets that I never used, I loved it that much.

oh yes!! yes!!!

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