Who else thinks this was odd?!

Question: Who else thinks this was odd?
I was just walking to the kitchen to get a Gatorade, and I opened it on my way back to my bedroom, because I was going to drink it on my way back. It was so weird I walked and a drip bounced up into the air and landed back into the bottle... Wow I thought that was very odd. If you think that was odd type yes (If not no) and then write something odd that happened to you today. Thanks!! -Alexis
FYI I'm a thirteen year-old girl... :)


an odd thing that happend to me today was when i was downstairs in my bedroom. i got this cold draft. and all my air vents are on hot right now since its still winter in minnsota (grr) and i heard our house was haunted......isnt that wierd.
no windows open either....

thats not odd but and i think this question is in the wrong section

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