Can teens smock when there 16?!

Question: Can teens smock when there 16?

Of course! I find it hard to believe a 16-year old would be interested in an embroidery technique in which the fabric is gathered and then embroidered with decorative stitches to hold the gathers in place.

Hey, it beats smoking, right?

You should spend less time thinking about starting a filthy, stinky, disgusting habit that will make you a slave to, take your money for no gain and then eventually kill you,.. and more time at school learning how to spell, while gaining a good education that can improve your life as far as your limits and dreams can take you!


If you mean smoke then yes, but not legally until you are 18 (if you live in the United States)

Yeahh obviously they *smoke* if they wanna start they just ask arround and then tada.. you smoke...
(but its not legal.. in Australia...don't no about other countries)

Did you mean smoke? If thats so then yes,but why would you want to do that.

no.just go to school and learn how to spell and stay out of jail seriosly.

I think you mean "smoke" and if you can't spell it then no.

smock? sorry im 28 years old


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