Why did Jesus turn water into wine, instead of juice, milk, soda, or a Shamrock Shake?!

Question: Why did Jesus turn water into wine, instead of juice, milk, soda, or a Shamrock Shake?
If he was really Jesus he should have known the dangers wine.
And most importantly he should have had access to the Shamrock Shake even though it wasn't March. That would have proven to anyone there that he was Jesus.
But in all seriousness, why not make the wine something healthy, like that acacai berry crap that people keep spamming Y!A with. Or that juice crap they have people drink at Baptists churches because their too cheap to buy real wine.


the Mormons had not commercialized the others yet.

1) Juice did not exist back then, only wine and milk did.
2) Milk spoils really quickly
3) Jesus was NOT Irish, as for the disgusting, worst tasting Shamrock Shake did not exist either.

Wine is healthy for you if you don't drink it every day.

Furthermore if you're a Christian shouldn't you know this answer? Well just in case you don't Jesus was at a WEDDING. Wow I am not even a damn christian and yet I know this answer.
Lastly get a life I mean how did you even come up with this question? And why did you decide to bore everybody to death by posting it up here. I mean seriously get a life!

In those days, wine was a safer drink than water. No refrigeration of any kind except maybe near high mountains to bring snow down to cool things. Water usually came from local creeks, rivers, or wells. Sanitation though would not make it the safest stuff to drink. Besides, they were celebrating a wedding. and what is a wedding without some booze to party with.

Cause making alcohol was considered to be a sign from god. Note several monasteries still produce alcohol to supplement their existence. Also turning water into wine isn't difficult you just have to downplay your use of grapes.

I agree. Nothing as holy as the shamrock shake. I miss it already. It only proves that JC was more of a drunk whino than anything magical and holy.

shamrock shake mmmmm...... :-)

Because the 12 apostles were rummies.

Juice and milk spoil, and soda goes flat. Jesus wasn't Irish, so no Shamrock Shake.


He wasnt trying to prove that he was Jesus. that's like you trying to prove that your Karlee...

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