Do sugar free soft drinks like coke zero still rot your teeth?!

Question: Do sugar free soft drinks like coke zero still rot your teeth?

Any carbonated drink has a level of acid as a result of the carbonation process. Sugar free drinks have a less long lasting affect on teeth than sugar filled drinks as they don't leave a coating of sugar on your teeth after you drink them, that would feed the plaque bacteria that are the main cause of tooth decay.

Yes, even though it does not have as much sugar the acid content may be the same, it is always best to brush your teeth to get rid of all the residue and please use a straw when drinking, some people drink and the acid goes straight to the teeth so to safeguard your teeth brush and reduce the residue.

yeahh ..sadly is still does rot your teeth:(
but.. if you use a straw it doesn't effect your teeth as its Betta 4 you
lol start stocking up on straws =)
...coz its got the fizzy still, and thats wat rots them.. =(

Yeah, the fizz rots your teeth!

yes it's mainly the acid not the sugar

im sure that all soda rot your teeth

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