How do I tell my parents I'm having sex?!

Question: How do I tell my parents I'm having sex?
I am really nervous about telling my parents I'm having sex... But I know I have to because I need Birth Control, we have been using condoms but I don't want any risk of pregnancy. I also know I need to get the HPV immunization injections and I have no way to get to my doctor for multiple injections/prescriptions without my parents driving me. I don't know where to start with my parents, I think I should tell my dad first he seems to me like he would be easier and maybe I wouldn't have to tell my mom even though I know that's chickening out. But the last time I tried to bring up birth control she just totally freaked and told me I should't worry about it yet and I should wait, there's no rush to have sex etc. so now I'm scared to bring it up. I also don't want my parents to hate my boyfriend or think of him as the guy who corrupted their little girl or something bad like that or just have them find it awkward to be around him because they know he is sleeping with their daughter. Can I get some advice here? I really don't know how to tell them. I don't know where to go from: Dad I think that I should tell you ____ and I have been having sex or what types of questions or reactions I should be prepared for.


Well, you are right about needing to talk to your parents about it. But please don't expect one parent to keep it a secret from the other. Honestly that's no way to run a marriage. I do think that if you feel more comfortable talking you your dad that might be the way to start. Ask him if he will help you with talking to mom about it, as she might be in a better position to advise you on birth control methods etc. If niether of them feel comfortable doing that, ask if they will take you to either a gynecologist or to Planned Parenthood or some similar organization where they can advise you. I'm glad you are smart enough to look out for your own health, that's probably a good way to approach your parents about it too. Good luck.

To Mom and Dad:

Listen I'm a parent myself so I know this is probably a tough time for you. But it's over, it happened, and you can't put the Genie back in the bottle. Just sit back, take a deep breath and be grateful that your daughter is willing to trust you enough to even talk about this with you. A lot of kids aren't. Keep cool, talk straight, and try not to lecture. As Joe Friday said "Just the facts".

Good luck


questions you sure who's is it how old ,, don't let them rule you but its hard as you have not put your age tell them you are aware of that what your doing and that you have made the Choice to do this no-one else ask them their advise and try to work with them

im a parent and have been there

You don't necessarily have to tell them. And you could go to the clinic by yourself. But you can tell them it regulates your period.

Dude just wait till you're older. and plus you nothing about sex, wait for marriage . but if you're in a hurry just take the risks.

Ok, this is a very serious problem. It all depends on your age and your parents natural reaction to problems. If your under 17, prepare for a yelling session. [most likely] :( but you should sit them down and nicely confront them. Just tell them that you are mature and your prepared for the consequences that come with having sex. You have to be careful on a topic like this, because making a little joke or anything will most likely lead into an argument/fighting. Let them know how you feel, and if it's with a boyfriend or something explain how you care for that person. I hope this helps!

Me, Myself, and I.

I used to think the same but I didn't tell my parents. But one day they found out by themselves and everything seems fine. But I assume that you're still underage since you need your mom to drive you around. You have talked to them about it and she told you to wait yea? Well, it's good that you are aware that condom isn't 100% safe from getting you pregnant. To be safe, follow what your parents say, wait till you're older only be active sexually. It's wise to stay low at this time.

If you got pregnant accidentally, it would be more embarrassing and you have to face your parents with more awkwardness (not sure if that's a word). If your boyfriend truly loves you, he'll wait till you're mature.

So, by waiting you don't have to bring up the sex topic to your parents at all and you do not have to worry about talking to your parents about it and you do not need to worry about getting pregnant.

Good luck~

Well, honesty is always the best policy but unless you have the most care free parents in the world they are not going to be happy, at all. And they will most definately think of your boyfriend that way. Tell your parents that your periods are irregular and your cramping can sometimes be intolerable and that you searched some possibilities to regulate and birth control works. Because that's true without going into gruesome details of the real reason. But like I said honesty is the best policy and I'm sure if you have to ask this question you are probably a minor, i'd slow down if I were you.

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