Birthday Coffee ideas needed?!

Question: Birthday Coffee ideas needed?
Every month at our building we have a 'birthday coffee for that months b-day people while I love the idea its almost all sweets do you have any ideas for food i can bring I've done a macaroni salad that went over great but its not a meal its a 'coffee' whatever that means. thanks for the help.


*a fruit tray
*veggies and dip
*chips and salsa
*pita and hummus
*flavored popcorn

myself :)

Shoot if the macaroni salad went over great that would be the go to recipe. You can bring fruit. Did you notice when you brought the salad it was eaten more than the sweets. People want to eat healthy but they aren't always sure what choices to make and how to break away from the Standard American Diet. SAD is the acronym for good reason.

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