Water makes me hungry..or feel like it,help please?!

Question: Water makes me hungry..or feel like it,help please?
I drink Ice Water every day,and I'd say I drink more than 6 glasses of it a day. And I am VERY self conscious about my weight,so I'm trying to eat healthy and cut down on eating. But every time I drink water I feel like I'm hungry..my stomach feels empty,it doesn't growl,but it feels like I haven't eaten in a long time. When really,I'd say at 12:00 or so,I ate some pizza rolls. This happens every time that I drink water. Is this supposed to happen? I know I'm not hungry,but I hate feeling like this. If I empty my bladder,will it be likely that this feeling fades?


I agree with Frank. It sounds like you're not eating enough. For water to make you feel so hungry your stomach must be empty.

If you're concerned about your weight, I recommend Weight Watchers. The new system is great. It's very easy to stay on plan, and it's all about healthy eating and proper amounts.

Good luck.

If you eat enough food, the feeling will fade. You are hungry because you are not eating enough, even though you think you are eating enough.

Whatever you are eating, it isn't enough. If more sounds like too much or sounds gross, that suggests that the issue is with your mental image of what the proper amount of food to eat is. Please talk to your doctor.

eat a little bit then drink water It will fill you up

This happens to me too!

eat more bulk fiber. that'll fill you up.

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