What does 'from concentrate' mean in Orange Juice?!

Question: What does 'from concentrate' mean in Orange Juice?
What does it mean? If it says 'from concentrate' does it mean it is better or worse for you?


It means that it is watered down !

Same ! More or less !

The majority of orange juice is just water. As most oprange juice travels thousands of miles between where it's grown and where it's drunk, to increase profits/reduce costs, the manufacturers remove most of the water before they ship it in tankers. New water is then added back in before it is bottled/cartoned for sale.

from concentrate means that they took out the water from the orange juice(to make it less dense so tgey can fit more on a ship) then shipped it over to whatever country and then put the water back in it before putting them in shops

It means think real hard.

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