Need New Coffee Maker?!

Question: Need New Coffee Maker?
My coffee maker is old and is not working well. I now live alone and don't need a full size pot (I've seen smaller ones and was wondering if they work as well


I've seen the ones that make a single cup and was wondering if anyone has one and if it works well

Personally, I can't function without my coffee maker. I too live alone and have this singe cup coffee maker. I spent a lot of time looking for one and got this based on all the good reviews ...…

It works really great. I love it. Best of luck.…

you should get a Keurig Coffee maker.. they have single cups. and u can make just one cup or as many as you want.
you can also make coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. many differnet kinds.
me and my husband have one and it is GREAT!!
go to or the link i provided.
hope this is helpful :))

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