Alcohol in coca cola?!

Question: Alcohol in coca cola?
I'm doing a report for school about alcohol in coca cola half the class trys giving prof it's there the other shows it's not. Mine is to say coca cola doesn't I found on some web sites that coca cola has 8 oz of alcohol in it. So my question is if that's true how many 8 oz cans of soda do you drink before you would have any affects from the alcohol if there is any in it?


Coke does not have 8 ounces of alcohol in it.

The rumor of alcohol being in Coke may come from the vanilla in it. Vanilla is one of the ingredients used to create a cola flavor. Depending on the source of that vanilla there may be a trace of alcohol in it. If you look at your little bottle of vanilla extract in your kitchen spice rack you may notice that it does contain alcohol in it. However, the vanilla flavor is so strong that you need very little to create the flavor in recipes. So even if the vanilla flavoring used in Coke has 35% alcohol in it as many extracts have the overall amount in the cola will be so low as to not be noticeable at all.

I am certain though that if you did a test designed to indicate even the slightest trace of alcohol in the drink it will register a finding. Otherwise You could probably drink 4 2 liter bottles in a day and not even have a full ounce of alcohol.

If it did contain alcohol, you'd be paying a ton of taxes and have to show ID and stuff to buy it. And we obviously don't.

Please clarify. You said 8 oz of alcohol. That would make it solid alcohol, which is not possible.

no i doesn't contain alcohol but if you add alcohol to it it will

you are incorrect

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