if you drink a milkshake, do u pee or poop it out?!

Question: If you drink a milkshake, do u pee or poop it out?
does it come out as liquid urine? or solid poop?


Depends...Is it a chunky shake with like fruit chunks in it or is it just ice cream mixed with milk and blended...The chunks get digested and sent out as feces ("poop")...but with a straight up milkshake, it comes out as urine ("pee") because what happens to a milkshake when it melts, it becomes a liquid like milk and when milk gets digested is stays as a liquid and comes out as a liquid...wait no scratch that i am wrong...urine is what gets filtered out of your blood so only the milkshakes nutrients and sugars get "pee'd" out

sorry i didnt feel like deleting

Try it on yourself you will get the answer, liquid comes out through urine but you have to search the solid particles in the morning.

I have powder mixed with milk milkshake, so it's probably peed out.

The liquid ends up as urine, and the milk solids end up in your poop.

that would be a really weird experiment, I would imagine both.

lol interesting question

hahah I can't believe you asked that! I am gonna say... pee it out.

Omg I can't believe you asked this! your a freckin nerd, but I love you


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