Have you ever noticed that "Evian" water is naive backwards?!

Question: Have you ever noticed that "Evian" water is naive backwards?
coincidence or could it be that we are all just slaves to corporate marketing?


Really? Yes, we are "slaves" to corporate marketing but in this case this was a coincidence. It is water that is found near the évian-les-Bains, which is also where it gets its name.

Yes, I saw it on malcolm in the middle.

ANd right now, I am trying to force my bosses to buy Evian water. It has the perfect pH. REALLY!

ever notice that BLACK PEOPLE started wearing their pants low. WHITE PEOPLE started calling it "saggin" Whats "saggin" spell backwards? ******!!!

N*I*G*G*A*S !!!

no i have never noticed that and most likely its a coincidence

And God spelled backwards is Dog....so what is your point?

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