Why do people tap the lids before opening a can of soda?!

Question: Why do people tap the lids before opening a can of soda?
Some people do, some people don't. I find myself doing it out of habit, and I don't even know why! (I only ever did it because the people around me did :o).

What's the purpose of doing this?


People thought (some still do) that tapping the top of the can would keep the liquid from spewing out when they opened it. Instead of tapping the top, tap the side of the can all the way around it. It will keep it from spewing unless it has been extremely shook up. Saw this on T.V. several years ago. Some kind of Science program..

It has no purpose. It does absolutely nothing except make a tiny sound. It would be more fun to bark like a dog, so barking makes more sense than that useless tap.

My friends believe that it keeps the soda from spewing out. It doesn't actually do that.

Just like wiretapping on a Mexico hiring Wal Mart.

out of habit. that's why i do it.

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