What is your favourite type of tea?!

Question: What is your favourite type of tea?

Green Tea with Blueberry :]

I think my favorite would have to be Darjeeling Tea. I remember tasting this tea-flavored ice cream in Singapore, I think it was made by the TWG Tea Company.. and it tasted so good! It was called Darjeeling Okayti and I think it might be one of the best ice cream flavors out there :))

My favorite tea so far was a green tea, jasmine rose, that I had in China.

Other than that, I drink masala chai everyday. Mmm, it's so delicious and healthy


Plain gunpowder, one of the cheapest (I think) green teas, sugarless

Jasmine tea, ie green tea with jasmin leaves, sugarless

Or orange blossom tea, hmm, sugarless

And the Moroccan classic, mint tea, with sugar!

Starbucks Chai Tea latte with extra caramel and a shot of espresso - Fairy Tea - or from that little box with like five different types (sleepy time, orange, etc) Raspberry Zinger

Very tough three way tie for me.

I love South African rooibos tea. It's healthy too! :)

non caffeinated pomegranate tea with sugar added

Just simple Zen tea.

Not huge on tea.

Lemon tea with ice.

green tea is my favorite tea

its lemon tea

black with some condensed milk

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