What happens if you drink redbull?!

Question: What happens if you drink redbull?
I'm going to buy a can of some tomorrow to see if it would help me stay awake in school. I just want to know what happens. I heard if you drink too much of it, you could get liver and kidney failure and risk of heart disease. But I'm only going to drink 1 can.

This is the first time I'd be trying it.


You'll like it man...you will be filled with confidence, energy, and a strange unexplainable excitement... your heart will beat faster and you will find humor in everything...(best case scenario)

Redbull's a rip-off for me! You're better off drinking Mountain Dew. Caffeine doesn't cut it. The "normal" amount of caffeine does nothing. It only sort of wakes me up in the morning. More caffeine and it becomes a waste of time. Too much caffeine and I get animal-like and angrier without feeling too energetic. I read about 2C-I and how it gives you strong, clean energy at low doses and how safe it is. 2C-I is not legal. Redbull might make you hyper which is the dirty, crappy kind of energy. Watch The Matrix and it will all make sense.


if i drink one i am up for at least the next 5 hours not matter what time i take it
but i dont have alot of major energy increase
some ppl go like crazy but i think alot of it is all in the head
dont get used to them them they are expensive and are bad for you

it could stain your teeth. your blood sugar levels will spike. and you will be better off not drinking the red bull. because after your blood sugar level come back to normal you will feel really bad and tired. probably more tired than you were before

research has shown consume more than 1 redbull can be risk of heart disease,its better to avoid such type of drink.

You will energize.

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