Having a coffee abnormality?!

Question: Having a coffee abnormality?
Basically, every time I drink coffee, I feel tired and have a slight headache. I can usually easily shrug it off by going outside and distracting myself but once I come back in, it starts again. However, I never drink regular coffee, I only drink drinks that contain coffee, such as Mocha, cappuccino, etc. When I lie down and try to sleep afterwards, I just can't. Is this like a phase I have to go through before getting used to coffee?

I'm 15 years old btw


well, at 15, coffee shouldnt really be a part of your diet... the caffine can mess with you in more ways than just giving you a buzz, I get tired sometimes after a cup of coffee, but it's because I am a regular coffee drinker, and I guess my tolerance is low.

But caffine affects people differently. Some people have higher tolerance, and some people have heart issues when they consume caffine.

I think the most likely reason you have trouble sleeping, aside from the caffine, is the high sugar content in those mixed coffee-drinks. Youre often having as much sugar as a bowl of ice cream. That rush is unavoidable.

Daily coffee fiend

That's happened to me a few times. It most likely because you haven't eaten substantial food. so the caffeine and sugar make you really jittery and stuff.

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