Is it healthy and safe for human's to be drinking cow milk?!

Question: Is it healthy and safe for human's to be drinking cow milk?
If yes, can you back up your answer with scientific evidence to support this?


No...not really. Humans are the only mammals to drink milk past the age of 2. And no other mammal drinks another mammals milk past the age of 2.

Science won't provide evidence that it's not safe. The dairy industry would lose too much money . But I suspect that milk allergies and lactose intolerance play a huge role!

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personal knowledge

Yes it is safe, pre farming humans would have been lactose intolerant as par for the course, however with the domestication of cattle most steadily built up an immunity to it, making it perfectly safe to drink (so long as you don't drink gallons at once, this will reintroduce the intolerance and at least cause diarrhoea and stomach cramps, in the extreme it can cause hypoglycemia, osteoporosis and even kidney failure, but you would have to consume copious amounts for these effects to take place) and leaving no after effects

It's definitely safe for humans to drink cows' milk, people have ben drinking for years and it hasn't killed anyone. It's full of calcium and Vitamin D, which is needed for strong bones. However, some milks are quite high in fat, which means that they're not as healthy. You should stick with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, and then you won't get unnecessary fat in your diet. But do you think that cow thinks the person pulling its udder is a perv? Technically they are.

Of course it is good for you and has been consumed in the majority of countries for a LOT of years. We are now even safer because it gets pastuerized. It provides you calcium, vitamin D, protein. Many independent studies have even shown it helps to prevent weight loss. This is one, and I simply Googled:…

There are other types of milk such as soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, camel milk. Personally I feel you pay more for these products when a cow has been perfectly fine in my family and myself for GENERATIONS. And cow's milk tastes great in my opinion.

Well my friend, as cows are made up of the element plutonium, and that milk is classified at PH78 (the same as diarrhea), milk is absolutely deadly to drink.
PS the milk you normally drink is also known as battery acid.

All the milks you observe in the isles of grocery store are all made of cow. Of course, its healthy and safe for us to drink. It provides us with a great source of calcium, and nourishes our skin preventing skin disorder.

-Hope this helps

...we've been doing this for along time now sir, and it good for you and you bones and such. cause of the calcium

i can understand questioning it if youve never had milk before but almost everyone has

you kinda missed your chance to question it

Humans have been drinking cow's milk for thousands of years, and in countries where people drink a lot of cow's milk, for the most part the people live much longer than in other places.

Cows milk is for baby cows to drink.
Like woman's milk(rofl) is for baby people.
Would you let a cow suck your boob?
Well you suck theirs:')

You are going to have to do your homework research yourself,get to work.

Where do ya think milk comes from?

Yes itz healthy and safe as well....since its natural is will benefit u more than those diary products for suree

yes. they've done test on it.

I don't think so. I gave it up it my 20's.

What a silly question!

people have been drinking it for thousands of years and it hasn't killed us yet...

isn't that what we're all drinking?

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