can drinking two glass of pepsi cola lead to diebetes?!

Question: Can drinking two glass of pepsi cola lead to diebetes?
can you get diebetes by drinking pepsi cola everyday?



No you can't. It is how your body produces insulin for your system. Check on Web MD.

A lot of whether or not you get diabetes depends on genetics and if you have a family history of diabetes. But no, drinking soft drinks everyday does NOT guarentee that you will get diabetes, however it is still not healthy. Bad for the kidneys too.

Possibly, but I wouldn't best on it.
You should really stop with all that soda, it is no good for your body.
Since you've been drinking two glasses of it everyday so far, cut down and drink only water or some really good juice.

Depends on whether you also eat large amounts of unhealthy foods as well. I would lay off the soda either way and drink lots of water- soda is still not healthy and is one of the largest attributes to obesity.

It could possibly. But if you keep your diet up with healthier foods then you will be fine, and please brush your teeth regularly too -Morgan

If you drink all the time yes, but depends on other eat drink habits.

No. But its not good either. You should try cutting down to only 2 glasses of Pepsi a week.

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