Does mixing tea cancels out the effects of each teas?!

Question: Does mixing tea cancels out the effects of each teas?
In a supermarket, I've purchased a bottle of tea, which was a refrigerated mixture of 11 types of teas. Each teas have different benefits for the human body, and green tea was one of the mixtures. The tea I've purchased does not contain any artificial ingredients such as sugar, or honey.

Does mixed tea have more benefits, or does it cancels out all of the benefits of each tea?


Well first of all sugar and honey are not artificial ingredients. Even processed sugar which has been bleached and therefore has lost much of it fiber content and beneficial sides of it still isn't artificial.

Usually when the mix different teas or juices it is designed to give you multiple benefits. They won't combine things whose benefits will cancel each other out. They may add one thing to help make up for something that another does that isn't' beneficial. For example caffeine depletes the body of B vitamins, calcium, and potassium. So they may add juice or even the supplements themselves to make up for it.

That being said though you may be better off getting organic juices and teas yourself and making something that you know you will like. Most store bought item, especially those that add nutrients to make healthier use the cheapest things they can get a hold of which often mean they wont' do what they are intended for. Most companies just want to cash in on the growing health consciousness of the consumer but rely on their ignorance to keep making money.

I don't really think anything in a bottle is healthier than anything you can brew at home. I'm sure in the oils of the tea, which you would see if you ever drank any fresh brewed, there are compounds you won't find in fruits or vegetables or not in the same concentrations. Tea is healthy go ahead and brew some for yourself.

More likely it has the same benefits as one type of tea. I doubt that there is enough of any single tea to give you the full benefits of the single tea. Just enjoy it. Tea doesn't have anywhere near the nutrients of fresh fruits and vegetables.

no mixed tea is not more benefits .they create lot of broblems

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