Is it okay if I drink Ensure? My doctor said to?!

Question: Is it okay if I drink Ensure? My doctor said to?
I am 13 and I havent had an appetite at all for the last week and a 1/2 so my mom called the GI doc (I have been having stomach problems already) and he said to drink Ensure. Will it make me gain weight?? I don't want to gain any!!!! Will it help me at all?????? Thank you!


The calories and nutrients in the drink will help to "ensure" that your body stays healthy until your stomach problems are resolved and you can eat regular meals again. Ensure is very high in protein, which will keep you feeling full. I believe one small bottle contains 250 calories, which is far less than a regular meal. It can't really make you gain weight unless you are drinking it along with having full meals and snacks. Since your stomach problems are preventing you from eating normally, the drink should just help you maintain your weight. The "creamy milk chocolate" flavor is delicious--make sure it's cold and you shake it well before you drink it. Hope you feel better soon!

Yep you should be fine. It's pretty much just a vitamin drink that is made to taste kind of like a milk shake. As with anything though, too much of a good thing could be a bad thing. Follow your Dr.'s advice on amount and you will be fine.

Full of essential nutrients. The Dr. just wants to amke sure you're getting the essentials, Calcium, potassium, vit. A, B, C, E, D etc. You will not pack on the pounds. You need nutrients!

Yes, it would be okay to follow your doctor's orders.

Your doctor knows more than any of us will, so yes, Do as he says.

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