are you coke or pepsi?!

Question: Are you coke or pepsi?


Pepsi is a lemon-y coke.
I like both. I mean, I can go both ways. (SODA - let's not go crazy).

I'm not bothered by Pepsi, but I'm not narrow-minded to just Coke. I'm able to understand and respect others' opinions.

Well actually I am neither, but I am very flattered that you thought I was. Unfortunately, I was born in the La Vida Loca bottling plant as a mango Loco beverage. Truth be told, I am in love with that Dr Pepper from Texas. Do you think you could hook us up?

Words of wisdom from my gizzard.

Hi vixenella. I'm a pepsi. I was raised on it so I don't really care for coke


It used to be ALL about Coke but then...
I discovered Pepsi.. so much better!

I drink both but Pepsi taste better to me

Vernor's ginger ale

both can kill u.. SPRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Both suck equally.

I like Dr Pepper.



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