Have you ever gotten SUPER hyper on Red bull?!

Question: Have you ever gotten SUPER hyper on Red bull?
If so share your story?


i have a crazy *** friend and she is amazing but very very crazy anyway we once drunk so many redbulls and got hyper as **** it was cool mate ...we did lots of crazy sh*t !!!

love my best friend :D :D crazy punkkk

Yes... xD the first time I tried Red bull... I couldn't stop talking, and I was being really random too... thankfully I was at home, only with my mom, so I like chatted her ears off xD When I think back on it.. I laugh about it... and I might be hyper right now because of the red bull I just had -.- Yep, I think so, I'm typing like really fast xD. And I'm like finding the littler things more funny xD *sigh* the effects of energy drinks.. I'm tellin ya xD And... I just wanna keep typing and typing right now... xD

The first time I had red bull, and then the red bull that I just had xD

I havent, but my friend has.
we were on a holiday to norway with a ferry, first she drank ?l burn (energy drink), then an hour after she drank around 6 red bulls and 2 or 3 red bull shots, a cup of coffee with sugar and a bag of candy.
she got super hyper and ran all over the place

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