BARISTAS- Can you describe how I am supposed to steam milk for espresso?!

Question: BARISTAS- Can you describe how I am supposed to steam milk for espresso?
When I steam milk for espresso, is the whole pitcher of milk supposed to turn into frothy milk of just one consistency? Or does it stay froth on top and milk on bottom?


Froth on top but milk on bottom, allowing for control of pouring the milk using a spoon - froth where you want , milk where you want.

IDK I work in a coffee shop

1. Mocha mocha coffee cup in a small New York show a strong flavor.
Preparation method: in the cup and add chocolate syrup 20 ml very strong coffee, deep fry, stir well, add 1 tablespoon butter floating on top, cut the end of some chocolate for decoration, and finally add some cinnamon sticks.
2. Mocha Mint Mocha Mint Coffee Coffee: "Pour the cream in the cold temperature of the coffee" cold cream float, into the cold sweet butter, it is following the coffee is hot, without stirring so that they maintain their temperature, drink up and very interesting. This is the American love of chocolate mint coffee, mint and coffee brewing out of proportion to reconcile.

Preparation method: in the cup then added 20 grams of chocolate, deep-fry the coffee, 1 tsp white mint, plus 1 tablespoon butter floating on top, cut some chocolate at the end, the last piece of mint leaf decorated top.
3. This cappuccino coffee, color, wearing the scarf as the Italian monk, so named Cappuccino (coffee with cream block). Accompanied by cinnamon sticks, then topped with lemon juice, showing a complex flavor.
Preparation Method: Deep fry the pre-heating coffee, pour into a small coffee cup, add 2 tsp sugar, plus 1 tablespoon butter floating on top, topped with lemon juice or orange juice, cinnamon stick instead of with a spoon into the cup in.

Depend on how you are

depends on how you guys make it

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