Does Pepsi Max cause impotence and low libido?!

Question: Does Pepsi Max cause impotence and low libido?

Depending on how much of it you drink on a daily basis, some of it's ingredients might. You'll have to break it down and search side effects of each ingredient. I know that it contains more caffeine than Mt. Dew plus panax ginseng which is an herbal stimulant.…

I would have thought low libido/impotence would have a combination of root causes more complex than Pepsi Max. Unless you are using the can and it's contents in an unorthodox manner of course.

Not that I know but why do you say? I wouldn't be surprised though with all this Frankenfood they're putting out. All these industries in bed with the government whose in bed with the rich elite who gripe there are too many peeps in the world

Any drink that has ANY artificial sweeteners other than Stevia will cause many adverse effects in your body. They are neurotoxins..... all of them. Better to not drink soda at all.... sugar is an enemy too.... no matter what they tell you.

i say no but i am no doctor so ask your doc

I drink it and get all I can handle

of course not!

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