Will pouring boiling water on an iced up windscreen crack it?!

Question: Will pouring boiling water on an iced up windscreen crack it?
This is something I never do (I actually quite enjoy scraping the ice off!) but I spotted a neighbour pouring a kettle of water over her car the other day. Will this crack her windscreen?


Yes It can....

I once had a windscreen crack on me because I had a lamp on it which heated it up, once it was nice and hot a drop of cold water dripped on it and cracked it.


It is very possible due to rapid expansion but, your neighbor will learn soon enough.

I actually agree with you, scraping off ice can be enjoyable and calming.

yes, that definately can crack the windscreen. Maybe it looked boiling (steam on a cold day) but was only warmis water?

It can, but you can't predict.

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