How can soda really have calories but yet water doesn't?!

Question: How can soda really have calories but yet water doesn't?
think about it, you drink water and then pee it out... you drink soda and then pee it out... so what's all this fuss about 100 calories ... I doubt there's really calories in any drink that is a fluid.... a milkshake on the other hand seems like it has weight and would add to your weight... but soda is pure liquid just like water...


soda has sugar and all that other stuff in it. Water has nothing in it (i dont think) so yeah... thats why.

Soda is not pure liquid. Soda is a solution. It consists of carbonated water with flavors, sugars, and coloring agents dissolved into it.

A "solution" consists of a liquid with material suspended in it. I don't know how to explain it, so if this is a serious question, you'll have to read up on it yourself:

That's like saying at cake it's the same *** eating broccoli simnce your body just wastes it anyway.

Water is pure with no calories. Soda has sugars, addtaives, flavor addatives and so on. Of COURSE it has calories.

AND it is more than 100 calories. An 8oz can of soda is about 240 caloires.


It's the sugar and other additives... In regards to the comment about the calories in soda, a 12 oz serving of (Pepsi) cola has 150 calories. Water is better for you but the occasional soda isn't too bad!

its the sugar and persitives that react chemically to your body





Because it's like water with high fructose corn syrup added to it.

And corn syrup is loaded with sugar.

And sugar is loaded with calories.

Hope this breaks it down for you(:

Because tree are other things in soda and they stay in your body

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