When people know a snowstorm is coming, why do they freak out and buy milk & bread?!

Question: When people know a snowstorm is coming, why do they freak out and buy milk & bread?
It boggles my mind how people freak out when they hear snow is coming and they run to the grocery store / convenience store for MILK & BREAD!!!! The isles look as if savages raided them with ripped opened bags of bread on the floor. What the hell is this?

I live in the same area these nervous morons do and they are not going to be trapped from ONE snow storm. Furthermore, they are just buying MILK & BREAD!!!! Is this some kind of special diet when it snows? I just don't get it - why just MILK & BREAD? What if they have pets - is it MILK & BREAD for the animals too?


Amen, I mean what can you make with milk and bread! Buy some meat and cheese and a lot of beer..

They put the children on a milk & bread diet during snowstorms. "Hey, you kids! Get inside this instant and get your milk and bread!"

I also see people scooping up hot chocolate mix, chili makings, crackers/saltines and the ingredients for beef stew.

In my opinion, what they are doing is hoarding, considering that some snowfalls melt within 48 hours. It's baffling and something I don't engage in - my pantry is fully stocked.

Think about it.. Imagine being stuck in your home without Milk & Bread. There would be no toast, no sandwiches, no cup-a-tea, no hot chocolate, no cereal (unless you like it without milk) and probably many other things. Milk & Bread are essentials!

Haha i found this quite funny well i think its because milk and bread is what most household mostly eat
i think butter as well ;). And if there a snowstorm food wont be able to get to your local supermarket.

they are over reacting.

because thats wat most people need

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