"Healthier" way to enjoy coffee?!

Question: "Healthier" way to enjoy coffee?
I think coffee is keeping me going after having a baby 6 weeks ago.
Anyways, I've always avoided coffee because I have to have it with alot of cream. I'm currently using the regfriderated kind.
What's a better way to had the taste of black coffee? Or isn't there? I can not drink it black. yuck.


You can buy low fat, low cal dreamer. There is actual one out called skinny dreamer that is low calorie. I too cannot drink mine black.

If you are using a coffee creamer product, you are consuming chemicals. Go to your local health food store and ask if they have any liquid flavored stevia. Then get some organic 1/2 and 1/2, and add the flavored stevia.... which is an all natural sweetener that does not have the neurotoxins that artificial sweeteners do. Or, use organic cream, with honey and cinnamon powder added. There are many ways to make coffee taste good.... but!! if you are using "bad" coffee to begin with, then it will taste bad no matter what. "Bad" coffee is anything that comes from a grocer.... Folgers, MJB, Maxwell House.... all of these use beans that have been stored for up to 7 years. Splurge on some freshly roasted beans from someone like Dunn Brothers Coffee who roast their own daily.

Well the best way is to have it black but you can always cut corners on the creamer and sugar.
What I do is I use half a packet of Splenda and then I use a fat free, sugar free creamer and only use a splash of it. Also, when you purchase your coffee try not to get a strong roast..get a medium or mild, it will be a little easier to go down with so little that you put in your coffee.

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Use fat free non dairy creamer it is about 10 calories per teaspoon.

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