Pepsi or Coke which, is your favorite?!

Question: Pepsi or Coke which, is your favorite?
I like Pepsi.


I like Pepsi better because Coke justs gets old i really do not like the flavor

The difference between Coke and Pepsi is like the difference between red and crimson... there's hardly any.
If I have a choice between the two I'd take a Coke, but I'd take a Pepsi if Coke wasn't there.
Also Pepsi likes to say "F*** you Coca-Cola!" in all their ads.

Coke.......But remember they used to actually have cocaine in their soda

Full fat Coke
And you can definitely tell the difference,
Coke is much smoother than Pepsi

I don't really like pop, but to choose... I'd say Diet pepsi.. or straight coke... Its the difference in taste i like

Coke.... But really Dr Pepper!

Diet Pepsi..

Coke, high test and straight up.

Coke all the way

Coke and coke zero

pepsi i really dont care though they taste alot the same

ofcourse its coke

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