Putting honey in tea?!

Question: Putting honey in tea?
I always sweeten my tea with honey. However I heard that putting honey in tea is a purely American thing to do. The British never put honey in tea, if they do sweeten it, it's always with white sugar, and that you will be laughed at in Britain if you ask for honey with your tea.

I love tea! I plan on traveling to London and don't want to be laughed at for putting honey in my tea.


not laughed at in a 'nasty' way lets say. but more of a shock to hear of someone wanting honey in their tea will make them laugh because its such a tiding we do not normally hear
Do as you please; just make sure you have etiquette in every form peoples judgement are the basis of such
Good Tidings pal,

(British male) (living in Birmingham, been to London multiple times)
(British-English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh) (dont get these mixed up; mildly irritating haha)
(English- English speaker or from England)
Greetings from across the pond

In my experience, tea in the UK was most frequently served not with white sugar, but with demerara sugar:


which tastes somewhat like honey, in my opinion. You might want to try some in your tea when you're there to see if you like it. However, honey is also available if you request it. Don't worry about being laughed at in the UK. Everyone I encountered there was extremely nice, very polite and not the least bit rude, and never openly made fun of foreign visitors.

just carry one of those small travel honey containers in your bag and at a coffee shop just get the spoon and put some in. It would be really bad service anyway if they laughed at you. If they ddi then you should complain. But they wont so there is no need to worry. However, most coffee shops in the UK dont have honey, and yes it is white sugar. But you can order something called a Caramalatte (caramel latte) which has actual caramel poured into it :D

I honestly can't imagine people in London laughing at you for putting honey in your tea. I'm sure there are some people over there who do put honey in their tea as it is very commonly known to be far healthier than using sugar. If anything they'll figure "well she's american, whatever." but honestly I can't imagine it being a big deal whatsoever.

I'm american and i don't usually do anything to my tea! I try to drink as much of it as possible! But i do know at panera they have honey and sweeteners, etc. I don't think it's abnormal! But i prefer it without anything in it

Britain has a large immigrant population and it's rude to laugh at people. There would be people who prefer Honey in Birtain.

Nobody is going to care what you put in your tea. Go ahead and use honey.

Who gives a sh*t what you put in your tea?

i *** IN MY TEA

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