Sooo.... what does Vitamin Water taste like?!

Question: Sooo.... what does Vitamin Water taste like?
Does it actually taste like juice/gatorade or something or does it taste like watered-down juice..?


It's similar to Gatorade, but with a little bit more of a watery taste. The flavors are different, but fruity. My favorite flavor is dragon fruit.

Watered down juice but it is so lovely. I'm having some now as it happens so I was suprised to see a question on it at that moment lol

I'm drinking the raspberry & apple flavour, it's the best!!

vitamin water is amazing. i love the lemonade flavor. my guy friend likes dragon berry. but its just like juice except less...extreme. try it its awesome!

watered down powerade, gross

taste sweets like juice, but a little less stronger.

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