Would you consume HUMAN MEAT if you had no other options?!

Question: Would you consume HUMAN MEAT if you had no other options?
If you found yourself in a situation with no food, and there were people around you who died (from a natural disaster, accident, etc)... Would you fry yourself up a nice steak from Bob's left thigh? I'm not trying to sound like an ***; this is a serious question. Remember, there's no food and you're starving.


I've been a vegetarian for 15 years. I've brought up 2 vegetarian kids and I never knowingly use make-up or cleaning products containing animal products, or tested in animals. In the circumstances you describe......
I'd eat you

I'd be willing to bet that at least one of the people who survived the andes plane crash was vegetarian & resorted to cannibalism like the others. Apparently some of them still get nightmares about eating their friends.

All in all, if you're starving your going to do what you gotta do to survive. Though i'd say it would depend on the situation, if i'm starving with my friend i'm not going to kill him for food (firstly cause many would still feel strongly about murder in such a situation & secondly he's useful to my survival as i am to his).
This question however isn't relevant to V&V, don't be suprised if you get reported especially for your additional details which some vegetarians may find offensive

got no problem with the question though it is rather odd

I would prefer to never eat the flesh of another creature again but if I was in a situation like from the book "Alive" ( A rugby team was in a plane crash and they ate their dead players) and the person was dead then I probably would. At that point in time, when you are completely taken away from a world you know and can live in and thrown into a harsh environment, you will do anything to survive. Its basic human instinct.

I honestly don't think I would. For years, it was thought that the Donner Party resorted to cannibalism -- it was recently proven to be false. They froze to death, and animals fed on their remains. I think I would prefer to just lie down and die rather than eating another human being.

No I probably wouldn't I would probably starve to death. I would feel guilty for killing another human or seriously injuring them just so I could survive.

Man, if was literally starving to death, I would eat anything that would keep me alive. I would probably eat people before I ate say, a skunk or vulture.

Being a vegan I would love to say no, but in that situation I think everyones survival mode would kick in and Bob would be eaten

I think I'll resort to eating eating things like their nails and hair, I would never eat flesh.

Like I said, I'd never eat flesh. Besides I'm sure a number of non-vegan vegetarians would do that.

...I'm really not into chewing through muscle and fat and gristle and... -gags-

Are we stuck on an island? Can't I climb a tree for fruit?

Yeah i would because what Else am i going to eat to stay alive.

I would like to say No...but truly, i do not know what I would do in that situation.

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