Dreamt l went inside a house, full of dead looking bare bodies, turned upside down and very white, weird?!

Question: Dreamt l went inside a house, full of dead looking bare bodies, turned upside down and very white, weird?
There was 200 or so, covering every table and floor in every room l walked through.
They looked dead but also sleeping in a crouched bent hans position with long finger nails in claw posture.
They had very white and bluish tinged skin.
A man came out in black l think , casually smiling with raised eyebrows. It was very silent feeling in there. end of dream.
l like to do dream answering for many people on here and have been a top contributor for a while once. I am also vegan for 40 years and feel for animals and their lot in our lifes.
l think l have combined the two to show the people taking the place of upturned dead animal pieces in a sterile [so called] butcher shop?
Do you see any more in this, or see it differently?


A vegan for 40 yrs, wow. Here's some definitions from a dream dictionary:

To see a corpse in your dream, represents an aspect of yourself that has died. Or it may mean that you are unexpressive. You have shut yourself down and are dead inside.

Blue represents truth, wisdom, heaven, eternity, devotion, tranquility, loyalty and openness. Perhaps you are expressing a desire to get away. The presence of this color in your dream, may symbolize your spiritual guide and your optimism of the future. You have clarity of mind. Alternatively, the color blue may also be a metaphor for "being blue" and feeling sad.

If you are wearing light blue in your dream, then it symbolizes your creativity. You like to pace yourself in whatever you are doing.

White represents purity, perfection, peace, innocence, dignity, cleanliness, awareness, and new beginnings. You may be experiencing a reawakening or have a fresh outlook on life.?Alternatively, white refers to a clean, blank slate. Or it may refer to a cover-up. In Eastern cultures, white is associated with death and mourning.

To see claws in your dream, signify feelings of vulnerability and/or hostility. You feel a need to defend or protect yourself or your surroundings. You also need to be careful with your words and actions.

To dream that you are silent, indicates an inability to express yourself. You may feel inhibited in voicing your opinion and how you really feel.?Alternatively, the dream refers to a situation in your waking life that has left you speechless.

To dream that someone is silent, means that you are unsure about this person's intentions. Perhaps you are still trying to understand them. There may be a sense of uneasiness.

that is weird, is this a recurring dream? have you seen any movies or read a book that depicts these episodes? and your analogy of your dream is what you wanted it to be.

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